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The Black Doris brand has grown from collecting fallen plums in a nearby abandoned orchard, to foraging parsley for pesto on the coasts of Banks Peninsula.  Black Doris founder, Laura, began making her version of the classic Italian Vino Cotto using plums rather than grapes and from there the Black Doris journey began.  

As generations of Kiwis have enjoyed heritage Black Doris plums, it seemed fitting to share our love of the plum in the Black Doris name!  


Black Doris products are vegan, dairy free and gluten free and are a great addition to any diet. We produce a range of spreads sold in glass jars and we are very passionate about being plastic-free! The products include an aquafaba MAYONNAISEa delicious and versatile almond ZEPHYR SAUCE (we ate a lot of this in summertime on Zephyr Terrace, Governors Bay, hence the name!) and due to the abundance of foraged parsley found around Banks Peninsula, a delicious PESTO.

We have huge aspirations for Black Doris - to create an ethical, sustainable business that gives the people of Aotearoa access to nourishing foods, informed choices and the chance to be part of company that wants to be the change and make a difference in the world. 

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